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As an accredited IATA agent, we manage all sorts of shipments by air, both domestically and internationally. Think Global Logistics is one of the most trusted air freight providers in Australia and New Zealand, with years of experience in air cargo delivery. We understand that each client has different import and export requirements according to their location. Our air shipment services are tailored to meet your financial and geographical needs. Our knowledgeable air freight specialists are ready to work closely with you to ensure your cargo is delivered on schedule and in excellent condition.

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International Air Freight Shipping Services


Air Freight Service Overview 

  • Import and export services
  • Flexible logistics solutions to suit all your business needs
  • Personalised scheduling to meet deadlines
  • Cost to service advice
  • Compliance documentation
  • Consultation for perishable or dangerous goods movements
  • Optional full coverage insurance
  • Worldwide freight services such as the USA, China, Vietnam, Europe, and more.
  • Value Added Services like Bonded Warehousing facilities, picking and packing, inventory management, and repacking.

Why Choose Air Freight Shipping Services Over Other Methods?

When deciding on a cargo transportation method, it is crucial to consider how drayage, sea, or air freight affects delivery time, assurance, and cost. Customers expect their goods to arrive on time, without damage, and reasonably priced in today's business world.

Consistency and predictability are critical factors in every delivery mode, and air freight is one of the most reliable ones accessible. Using air freight allows you to receive your goods quickly while taking advantage of a competitive price.

Even though there are many other excellent ways to ship your goods, here are some compelling reasons why air freight transportation can be the best option.

1. Speed of Transportation

Air freight is the quickest way to move cargo, especially when it requires long-distance travel. While drayage can be unpredictable due to uncertain conditions, and ocean swells can make shipping dangerous and cause supply chain delays, air freight is a stable alternative. For example, perishable items can be sent swiftly to a customer within a few hours by using air cargo services.

2. Network of Destinations

Planes, unlike sea freight, can reach virtually every destination on the planet without relying on a shoreline or road network. They can access troublesome delivery sites inaccessible to other means of transportation by flying over congested transit hubs.

3. Cost-effective Transportation

Cost-prohibitive insurance premiums result from transportation methods that are longer and less predictable. However, air cargo shipping is much faster than other shipping methods, and since items are not at as much risk, insurance costs will be reduced. You may give your important clients better bargains if you reduce the cost of insurance.

Although air freight shipments can be more expensive, the money saved on insurance can help to offset some of the expenditures.

4. Benefit from Airport Security Measures

Using air freight is a safe choice if you are concerned about your cargo being damaged or stolen. This level of security is due to the low handling required for air freight and the careful monitoring and upkeep of airport safety and security.

5. Reduced Packaging

Air freight frequently needs less packaging than other modes of transportation to reduce the weight limit, despite being an exceptionally safe method of delivering even fragile items. 

6. Reduced Storage Requirements

There is less need for warehousing due to the efficiency of air freight transportation. Customs authorities can inspect and approve products for transit more quickly than other delivery methods thanks to their efficient clearance processes.

7. Highly Reliable Service

Due to the rigorous timelines set by airport rules, air freight shipments can provide absolute reliability. Air freight can help you stay on schedule even if you frequently move large quantities of products.

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FAQs About Air Freight Services

How long does air freight shipping take?

The Air freight shipping transit time is impacted by distance, shipping mode, route, season, and other factors. The time a shipment arrives by air, including transcontinental flights, can range from several hours to several days. Your shipment may be delayed further due to weather conditions, holidays, customs regulations, or mechanical issues with carriers beyond our control, causing it to arrive later than expected. TGL monitors these changes constantly to ensure that goods arrive on time and with proper freight documentation. Contact us, and we'll walk you through the best options for getting your cargo to its destination in the most efficient way possible.

Do you offer insurance?

TGL offers optional all-risk cargo insurance that ensures your goods are protected from origin to destination. 

Can you move dangerous goods, including batteries?

TGL handles and transports hazardous materials, such as chemicals and flammables, and products containing lithium batteries. Don't hesitate to contact our solution specialists if you are unsure whether your shipment is classified as dangerous. They'll answer all your dangerous goods questions and walk you through the shipping process.

What is the difference between passenger services and cargo services?

There are significant differences between passenger and freight transportation systems because they frequently travel on separate conveyances and, on occasion, on separate networks. However, the differences are most noticeable at their respective terminals because they involve facilities frequently located in different locations. Within an airport complex, there are separate facilities for passengers and freight. A similar observation applies to ports where cruise and ferry terminals are distinct from other freight-only facilities, such as bulk and container terminals.

What are the maximum dimensions for air freight?

Air freight cargo has standard dimensions of 300cm in length, 240cm in width, and 160cm in height. Any longer or wider loads would be considered oversized and may necessitate specialised freight services such as an air charter.

What is chargeable weight?

The carrying capacity of every aircraft is ultimately limited by space or weight. If you load a vessel with heavy cargo, you may reach its weight limit before filling all available space. If you load a vessel with light cargo, you may fill all available space before hitting the weight limit.

When calculating the cost of moving your shipment, the carrier will consider your cargo's weight and volume by converting the volume into a "weight equivalent," also known as volumetric weight (or sometimes dimensional weight). The carrier will then charge per kilogram for whichever is greater: the actual weight (also known as gross weight) or the volumetric weight.

Actual weight is the number you provide us when you submit your initial quote request. 

Chargeable weight is the number on your invoice; it's the amount the carrier charged to transport your cargo. The chargeable weight is whichever of the following is more significant:

  • The gross weight (including the product, packaging, and pallet), or
  • The volumetric weight

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